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  President Trump Signs Coronavirus Funding Bill  CSPAN  March 6, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm EST

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of the federal response to the coronavirus, including hearing, briefings, all the latest at we will have the latest on the coronavirus later disease, and emergency preparedness. they are holding capitol hill briefing live, 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. numbers of the coronavirus task force hold a press briefing this afternoon on the spread of the virus. we expect to hear from the vice president and other officials. that is live at 3:00 p.m. eastern. it will also be on or the president today signing that $8.3 billion coronavirus emergency funding bill, tweeting after that, spoke to governor gavin newsom of california early this morning about the cruise ship quarantined off the california coast. coronavirus test kits have been delivered. the testing is taking place now. here is that briefing from the white house, the bill signing from the white house, earlier today.
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pres. trump: good morning, everybody. good morning. meeting with the governor and a lot of people, and something -- i guess some of you are coming along, i assume. are you going? ok. so we are signing the $8.3 billion -- i asked for $2.5
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billion, and i got $8.3 billion, and i will take it. trump: so here we are, $8.3 billion. problem,unforeseen came out of nowhere. we are taking care of it. a lot of things are happening on the ship. people are being tested right now. governort spoke to the , governor of california, kevin newsom. it is close to 5000 people, so big ship. doing testing on those people. papers to those other sign, please? papers fordditional
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various -- pres. trump: do you have anything to say to the press? >> i just want to make it clear that in terms of tests, we have provided all the tests to the state of washington and the state of california that they have asked for. the production and the shipping of tests that we talked about all week is completely on schedule. the cdc tests that are available , toest the 75,000 people
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america's public health lab, those are out. hospitalsctor and have shipped 700,000 tests, and the remaining are arriving at cdc this morning for quality control and should get out as we forecast this weekend. next week we will ramp up productions of as many as 4 million tests next week, driving forward. everything is on schedule for the testing. president, why aren't you going to cdc today? pres. trump: we may go. we thought that there was a problem with somebody who had the virus. it turned out negative, so we are seeing if we can do it. but yesterday afternoon we were informed that there may have been a person with the virus, and they now find out that was a negative test. they tested the person fully and
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it was a negative test. so i may be going. we will see if we can turn it around. is for you, after covering me so well. first time i have ever done that to a reporter. the job numbers came out and they are incredible. we picked out close to -- we picked up 80,000 jobs from the last report. if you add that up, it is over 350,000 jobs. job numbers came out a while ago, and they were shocking to the people analyzing them. staying herele are and they will do their business here, traveling here. they will be going to resorts here, and we have a great place. people come, but we have americans staying home instead of spending their money in other countries. maybe that is one of the reasons
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the job numbers are so good. we have had a lot of travel inside the u.s. >> do you think there needs to be more action to diminish the risk of recession? pres. trump: all we can do is do what we do. we have a lot of business from -- people are-- staying here, spending their money here as opposed to going to europe and other places. that will change when this goes away, and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. but people -- i would say virtually everybody, people are shocked because you add another 80 or whatever it is, a lot of numbers from last month when they upgraded it, the job numbers are at a level that nobody thought possible. they were really incredible. i don't know. we are going to see whether or not the fed wants to stimulate. in my opinion they should because europe is an china is
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and everybody is but us. that is notd exactly proactive. i am being very nice when i say that. i think what happens is the fed should cut and the fed should stimulate, and they should do that because other countries are doing it, and it puts us at a competitive disadvantage. we are considered by far the most prime, and is our dollar that everybody uses. cut.ed should why should germany have an advantage over us with interest rates? so germany just announced that they are stimulating and cutting. asia is, all over asia they are. china is tremendously. and we are really not. we pay higher interest, we have a higher rate, and it is ridiculous. we should have the lowest rate by far, and instead we pay more than other countries. other countries are paying zero
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and less than zero. you know that very well. we are paying interest, which is a very conservative approach but good not a c goo approach. we are competing against other countries. even our friends, we are competing against. that theve said taliban will overrun -- pres. trump: we have to take care of ourselves. we have been there for 20 years, protecting the country, what we cannot be there for the next. they will eventually have to protect themselves. this should have been done a long time ago. somebody's only hold hand for so long. we have to get back to taking care of our countries, too. you understand that. i will let you know later. i hope they are, but i don't know. i cannot answer that question. to happen,upposed but it possibly will.
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>> any concern that the virus is more widespread then originally ofught because of the lack testing? is that the reason why you're not going today? pres. trump: no, they had one person potentially infected. speaking of that, i would like to go, so you guys will have to work that out. i was going to tennessee first, stopping in atlanta, then going down to florida. i think they're trying to work it out. i heard one person, and because of the one person, they did not want me going. but i would prefer going. outthat the tests came negative, we are going to try and go. the most powerful man in all of media. he has a little something to do with "the wall street journal." this is real power, right? you used to do what they did. right? he did it so well, he is the
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boss of news court. of course, rupert had something to say. good to have you. they treat me very nicely, the media. i don't think people are panicking. did an interview on fox last night, a town hall. i said calm, you have to be calm. we do have a situation where we have this massive did an interv0 people and we have to make a decision. it is a big decision because we have very low numbers compared to major countries throughout the world. our numbers are lower than just about everybody. deaths, i don't know what the count is. 11? 11 people. in terms of cases, it is very few. when you look at other countries, it is a tiny fraction because we have been very strong at the borders. but then you have a ship with a
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lot of americans on it, 5000 people. it is a massive ship and they want to come in and we have to make a decision. we are working with the governor of california. i am having dinner at mar-a-lago. he wanted to have dinner in florida if that was possible. the president of brazil. we will be doing that today. [question inaudible] pres. trump: i think the market will bounce back. probably 10%, 11% from where they were, but they were up 70%, so it is only -- it is a relatively small piece. i don't like to see it happen because i was looking for 30,000 very soon. from 30,000.s away now we have a little more room to make up. strong the country is so , we are so strong as a country, we have never been like this. the consumer is generating so
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much because of the tax cuts, the regulation cuts, and the things we have done. i think we are in great shape. this came unexpectedly a number of months ago. i heard about it in china. a good move, we closed it down. we cdc said last night that would have had thousands of more problems if we did not shut it down. it was a very early shutdown, which is something we got right. >> with the super tuesday you think that the unifying of the democratic party around joe biden will -- pres. trump: he is left-wing. many people are left wing. in many ways he is worse than bernie. he is trying to get rid of guns. that is a bad stance, and he has a lot people who will be running the government. he is not going to be running anything. if he ever got in, he will not be running anything.
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there are people there who are further left than bernie is. taxesgoing to raise incredibly. he will raise taxes more than bernie. and he is open about it. bernie does not like to talk about it. joe biden, his tax increases are staggering. it is ridiculous. you will destroy everything that has been built. are you factoring in elizabeth warren pulling out? pres. trump: i think lack of talent was her problem. she has a tremendous lack of talent. she is a good debater, she destroyed mike bloomberg very quickly like it was nothing. it was easy for her. but people don't like her. she is a very mean person, and people don't like her. people don't want that. they like a person like me, who is not mean. ok, i will see you guys.
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thank you, everybody. right, guys. guys, let's move quickly. we've got to go. announcer: to follow the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak, go to you can find all of our coverage including hearings, briefings, and review the latest events any time at >> comes out today, a campaign, in which we have one candidate standing up for the working class and the middle class. we are going to win that election. >> for those who have been knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign.
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>> the presidential primaries and caucuses continue tuesday for six states, including idaho, michigan, this is sippy, missouri, north dakota, and washington. watch our campaign 2020 coverage of the candidate speeches, results, tuesday evening live on c-span,, or listen wherever you are on the free c-span radio app. >> joining us now unset, adrian castellani, who serves as the public affairs chief. tell us about your organization and its involvement, particularly at this time. it na national -- we call y-cho, not nacho. those are the folks on the front lines of the coronavirus response